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Various Kerb and Gutter Jobs

Various Kerb and Gutter JobsVarious Kerb and Gutter Jobs

Project Details

Narromine Shire Council

  • Manildra Street – Form up, placed and finished 130 metres of standard kerb and channel, while also pouring four (4) vehicular laybacks, one (1) at three (3) metres and three (3) at six (6) metres with one (1) containing SL72 reinforcement.
  • Algalah Street – Form up, placed and finished 203 lineal metres of concrete kerb and channel.
  • Burroway Street – Form up, placed and finished 75 metres of standard kerb and gutter with the inclusion of two (2) commercial laybacks and 75 metre by 3 metre of footpath.

ALDI Dubbo

  • Construction of 80 lineal metres of new kerb and gutter and 84 lineal metres of kerb only at ALDI in Dubbo.